This is a brief outline of the origins of Atlantean Services ltd. As a business model, I wanted to bring a professional approach to overall reactive maintenance such as emergency plumbing repairs to full bathroom/kitchen refurbs.

The logo was born from Atlantean mythology, where greek mythology and Atlantean mythology meet is the offspring of Poseidon and was foaled by the Gorgon Medusa upon her death when Perseus decapitated her.

I then extended the logo from a winged horse to winged sea horse to signify Land, Sea and Air, as Atlantean Services ltd was to incorporate all aspects of building & maintenance.

On a personal note, I incorporated the company in June 2007, at the same time when I was also involved in personal battles for my son, it would provide a big inspiration and drive to the design of the logo. I started to look into the biology of the seahorse fish also known as “Hippocampus”. To my astonishment the seahorse traits where similar to my personal matters, the male fish looks after his offspring’s in his pouch and stay monogamous in their relationship. Lol

So as the saying goes “ to become more than a man, become a symbol”

I would say that it has become a driving force for my business by battling against all odds to succeed, hence hard work & perseverance pays off.